Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Importance of Monday Night's Meeting

The committee meeting that was rescheduled for yesterday did not take place, likely because it too would have been in violation of the Open Meetings Act. (Thankfully it seems like they may start taking that seriously.) The committee meeting's agenda was posted at the East branch, but interestingly it was a new agenda that did not contain the Sullivan Center, Rock River's lease, or Sunday hours. (Hmm... something is fishy.)

If you did not see the news, the library union took a no confidence vote in director Frank Novak's leadership. From the confidential proposals to the violations of the Open Meetings Act, it is clear that the direction Novak wants to take the library does not consider the needs and wants of the community. (The Open Meetings Act violations pre-date this blog. The meetings listed an incorrect time and location on the website and agendas are still frequently not posted on the website. Thankfully, Monday's agenda is posted.)

It is important we have a strong showing at Monday's board meeting. The community needs to stand with the dedicated library staff as they address the board on why they have no confidence in Frank Novak's leadership. Please come (and bring a friend!) this Monday, March 26 at 5:30pm at the East branch library in the Community Room. Hope to see you there!

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