Sunday, January 22, 2012

Board Meeting Tomorrow (Monday)

Just a reminder that the board meeting is tomorrow (Monday) at 5:30pm at the East Branch library. (Please note that it is not at Main as was reported in the Rockford Register Star today. Someone did call Paul Logli to verify the location. It is at East.)

The board has been backpedaling now that the media is asking them questions about these documents. Read them again if you have doubts about the purpose of them. Novak and Logli have stated the board asked Novak to put them together to generate discussion. However, look at the 5th page of the second proposal and you'll read, "I believe this plan has great merit, otherwise I would not be putting it forward for board review and approval." Something is not adding up... which is why we need to all show up to stand against these plans.

Logli has stated the language in the plans is "inartful" but many would argue it is disrespectful and degrading to our hardworking library staff and the Rockford community. The way the plans are written is troubling as the director of our library should have more respect for RPL. Please consider coming to the meeting to help save our library!

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