Friday, January 20, 2012

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Marilyn Johnson wrote a book called This Book Is Overdue, which is a tribute to librarians and how they are needed now in the age of Google more than ever. (Hear that? Librarians--and we would include librarian assistants here--do much more than give directions to the restroom.) She wrote an article on her blog about cuts to libraries across the country and mentioned that Novak's proposals are the unkindest of them all. It's a great article and worth checking out:


  1. Hi,my name is Ashley and I am 12 years old. I chose to write a school assignment on why I feel the library should not go to digital.
    I do not think the Rockford Public Library should go digital. More screens in our life usually means more headaches, and research has proven that there may be a link between screen usage and attention deficit disorder.
    I remember the day I got my first library card. I was overwhelmed with the thought of all of the books I could have for three weeks. Back then I was like, "Three whole weeks!" Recently I was thinking about all of the little kids that feel the way I did when I went to the library. Going to the library to pick out books is aways exciting. If you get rid of the books, then you get rid of the hope that children have in those colorful pages, hope in their favorite heroes that save the day. Also the hope that tomorrow there will be an unexplored story waiting on the shelf for them. Not to mention we love our librarians who give us so much help. Most people like the feel of the pages of a book in their hands. It is sad for me to think it could all go away. Please save our books! Sincerely, Ashley B.

  2. Thanks, Ashley! You make a great argument. We hope you can make it to the board meeting tomorrow. You should consider speaking to the board. Saying what you wrote would be very powerful.
    Again, thank you!