Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Word on SOL "Membership" and Meeting

One question that has come up repeatedly in interviews with the media is "how many members does SOL have?" To which the same answer is given: "Membership is loosely defined. SOL is not so much an organization as a community based initiative."
Lately people who support the efforts of SOL have also been asking, "How can I join?"
It appears it may be time to shift this initiative into more of an organization and schedule a meeting for supporters to come together and figure out what our next steps will be.
The Rockford Register Star has a lot of coverage and commentary on the library issue in today's paper. Corina Curry has a story that the board still wants to move forward with the Sullivan Center acquisition. It seems like a good time to try to get everyone together to decide what action concerned library patrons and community members should take.
We may have to try several different meeting times and days before finding one or two that will work well for most people, but let's schedule one for this Thursday evening, February 2 at 6pm. Location TBA. Check back on the blog or comment below to suggest a location. It is unclear whether we need to reserve a space or be granted permission prior to declaring a meeting at a local coffee shop. (Or perhaps we can try to serve a room at the Main branch library?) Again, feel free to comment if you have a suggestion, but please check back in the next day or two for a definite location and time. Right now though we can all plan on this Thursday at 6pm. Hopefully there will be another good turnout as there's strength in numbers.

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