Thursday, January 19, 2012

Story on WNIJ... with comments from SOL

For those of you who missed this morning's story on WNIJ, here is a link. (It is about a minute longer than the piece that aired so even if you heard it, you may want to listen again and/or read the transcript.)

SOL would like to respond to the assertion that the board asked Novak to put together these plans (that aren't plans...???) SOL does not have information as to the context of the first plan, but will try to uncover this information. However, SOL is aware that the board was asked to vote on the second plan at the last board meeting in November. The board, thankfully, did not agree to do so without first reading the plan. But Novak indeed was pushing for its implementation, so the idea that they were intended to be "theoretical" is likely a safe sound bite.

SOL believes that the board and Novak are backpedaling. Our voices are being heard and they can feel our anger. But what would have happened if we had not spoken up? SOL is not so sure that the public would have been invited to have this discussion. Logli states that the plans were made to generate discussion, but if this was true, why were they not made public? Why was the second plan stamped 'confidential'? When, if at all, would the public have been informed? Novak told the board when he gave them the first plan that they would revisit it in the new year. With so much secrecy surrounding the plans and it now being the new year, SOL felt it was our responsibility to the community to unveil the documents and share them with the public.

Even though the board is trying to mollify us, we still need to attend the board meeting, perhaps now more than ever. We are being heard, but we need to show them just how many people stand against these plans. If we back off now, they'll think that it wasn't so important to us. Let's show them how important it is!

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