Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meeting Thursday at Bookworm

For anyone who would like to attend, we'll be meeting this Thursday (February 2) at 6pm at the Bookworm Cafe inside of the East branch library. We will discuss what our next steps should be. Sunday's paper reported the board still would like to obtain the Sullivan Center. It is concerning because the proposal for the Sullivan Center is labeled a transitional plan as a way to ultimately move to the first plan (going 95% digital). It doesn't mean this will necessarily happen as Mr. Logli continues to say it won't for a years, but the acquisition of the Sullivan Center will likely mean branch closures and possibly further emphasis of the digital library model. Regardless, it may be helpful for everyone to get together and discuss what our next steps will be. So if you're able, we'll meet Thursday at 6pm at the Bookworm Cafe.

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